HealthCare Currency Platform

Creating a new standard in transparent.

HLTHE is transforming giving by providing people the ability to donate to non-profits / individuals for their healthcare needs and guaranteeing 100% transparency of the entire process.

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How does HLTHE work?

HLTHE is a global funds exchange platform dedicated for healthcare purposes. All funds received through the platform can ONLY be used for healthcare purposes.


Transfer money using multiple payment methods through a secure platform


Money converted to HLTHE cash and transaction is securely logged

Get Care

Healthcare services received by the HLTHE member

Pay Providers

Payment made directly to healthcare provider by HLTHE platform

100% Traceability
Secure Blockchain Technology


- Guaranteed delivery of donations solely to healthcare needs
- Donations are converted to HLTHE Cash (a virtual currency)
- 100% Trackable through a digital currency wallet using blockchain technology
- Donate to other individuals or a non-profit
- HLTHE Cash never expires and can easily be shared
- Direct your donations, gifts and tips to people or non-profits for tax benefits


Non Profit Organizations

- Receive, manage and track your received donations in a digital currency wallet.
- Create your own HLTHE Cash fundraiser to give back to the community
- Donate to another non-profit
- Demonstrate transparency by showing donors what percentage of donations will be used for overhead


- Receive assistance with your health care needs by creating a personal platform
- Choose whether or not to share your story or your progress on your personal page
- Accrue HLTHE Cash across your lifetime, with no expiration

Healthcare Providers

- Receive point of service payment via the HLTHE platform
- Provide expanded health care options to patients
- Make a difference in the community by providing access to health care to those who have none
- Market your services via the HLTHE platform

Secure & Visible Transactions

HLTHE is built on distributed ledger technology where every transaction is cryptographically signed and digitally verified.
HLTHE has enterprise scale built for global deployment with high throughput and low latency, protected by robust security.