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hlthe: (pronounced healthy) The first and only healthcare currency platform to unite people, donors, nonprofits, corporations, and medical providers to fix healthcare.

Fighting for Phil: Local restaurant teams up with Tito’s Vodka for Hlthe fundraiser

Fighting for Phil

Phil Quartullo is facing his second battle with bone cancer.

But he’s not fighting alone.

Phil’s friends and community have rallied around the retired printing business owner from Glendale Az. to help raise money to pay for life-saving chemo treatments that will likely exceed $15,000 in out-of-pocket costs.

The money is being raised through hlthe, the only healthcare currency platform that allows patients to raise money to cover their healthcare expenses directly. Hlthe offers donors a simple, transparent, and tax deductible way to contribute, while quickly and easily paying doctors who provide care.

“I couldn’t be more grateful to all of the generous people who have donated to help me in this fight,” Phil says. “The great thing about hlthe is that people know that their donations are going only for healthcare costs to help someone in need. That really gives them peace of mind.”

In addition to friends, family and neighbors making donations for Phil’s care,  a local restaurant came up with a creative fundraiser to help raise money by patrons simply enjoying a few drinks.

Lauren Dolan, owner of The Porch restaurant,  partnered with Tito’s Vodka on the fundraiser in which a portion of the proceeds from drinks served with Tito’s went toward Phil’s fundraiser. Tito’s agreed to match the money raised, resulting in a total of $4,000 going into Phil’s hlthe account to pay for medical expenses.

“We decided the best way to raise the most money possible was to identify our best-selling liquor and donate a portion of the profit from those drinks,” Lauren says. “A lot of people wanted to help and saw this as simple way to give back, and they took advantage of it.”

Lauren said that when patrons learned about the unique aspects of the hlthe platform—including the fact that donations can only go to healthcare costs and are fully trackable—they were eager to participate.

“I really believe in hlthe,” Lauren says. “It’s an awesome way for people to give back without having to worry about where their money is going.”

The success of the Porch’s efforts shows the potential for any business to help those in need through a hlthe fundraiser.

For Phil’s part, he is focused on beating cancer—and getting the word out about hlthe.

“I want to do everything possible to let people know about hlthe,” Phil says. “It’s helped me and has the potential to help so many more people in need. It’s the best way I’ve heard of to raise money to help people dealing with health issues.”