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hlthe: (pronounced healthy) The first and only healthcare currency platform to unite people, donors, nonprofits, corporations, and medical providers to fix healthcare.

New Healthcare Payment Platform Takes First Step Toward Transforming How Americans Pay for Care

With a few taps on their iPhones, Austin and Selena Martin used a new healthcare currency called hlthe cash to pay for more than $1,500 worth of medication and out-of-pocket surgery costs.

And the Georgia couple made some history in the process.

The Martins were the first to complete a transaction on hlthe, a revolutionary new healthcare platform that gives users the power to securely raise and save money to pay for their healthcare expenses.

Unlike crowdfunding sites, hlthe (pronounced healthy) uses blockchain technology that allows donors to track their contribution from the moment they give to when a patient pays a pharmacy or doctor.

Austin Martin

Austin Martin shortly after using hlthe cash to by medication at Moon’s Pharmacy.
The birth of hlthe: Seeking a better way to help those in need

Hlthe is the brainchild of former Glendale, Ariz., firefighter Dave Graybill who, through his professional and charitable work, saw firsthand the challenges of helping people struggling to afford good healthcare.

Graybill, founder of the nonprofit Pink Heals, was frustrated by the inability to financially help someone facing a health crisis quickly, and in a way that donors would be certain their donation were secure and going directly to pay for the intended medical costs.

Graybill teamed up with successful entrepreneur Satish Kalala to develop the hlthe platform, which features a transparent and trackable system that ensures every dollar goes to cover healthcare—and healthcare only—for those who need it.

The many ways hlthe helps fix healthcare

As platform developed, the hlthe team started identifying a new and different ways that hlthe could help address the growing healthcare crisis that has left 27 million Americans underinsured — or not insured at all. Hlthe has a range of potential applications, including:

First hlthe payment covers medication and pre-surgery costs

For the Martin family in Tifton Ga., hlthe proved to be a huge help at a time when money was tight.

Austin Martin, 29, local paramedic, used hlthe cash to pay for insulin at Moon’s Pharmacy in Tifton.

Meanwhile, the couple launched a fundraiser on the hlthe website and collected donations to cover more than $1,500 in out-of-pocket costs that were required before Austin’s wife, Selena, could undergo shoulder surgery at OrthoGeorgia in Macon, Ga.

 “If it wasn’t for hlthe cash, we would have put off Selena’s much-needed surgery until we saved up more money,” Austin Martin said. “We’re thrilled to be the first people to use hlthe cash. Once hlthe gets momentum, I really believe it’s going to change how we pay for healthcare in America, and the way we donate to one another.”

Local pharmacy owner: real benefits for all types of healthcare providers

For healthcare providers such as Moon’s Pharmacy, hlthe offers quick and easy payments.

“Once I did my homework on hlthe, it was a no brainer to sign up,” Moon’s Pharmacy co-owner Floyd Moon said. “I got paid promptly and the transaction was easy. I think hlthe offers real benefits for patients and for all types of healthcare providers.”

Indeed, as hlthe grows, founder Graybill believes it will spark a movement that transforms the way Americans fund and pay for healthcare.

“What worked in Tifton Georgia can work just as well in communities all across America,” Graybill says. “hlthe benefits everyone involved with the delivery of healthcare by giving patients more control over their health and donors full transparency, while paying healthcare providers quickly and securely.”

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