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hlthe: (pronounced healthy) The first and only healthcare currency platform to unite people, donors, nonprofits, corporations, and medical providers to fix healthcare.

Healthcare Nonprofits Predicted to be the Next 911 Call

Pink Heals poised to redirect fundraising into the hands of people who need it, lights and sirens blazing

Who’s your hero? An athlete? Firefighter? Coach? Philanthropist? Innovator?

Meet Dave Graybill, former professional baseball player, Olympian, firefighter, innovator, philanthropist and coach, whose most recent startup is poised to disrupt the entire healthcare system.  Healthcare nonprofits will be dialing 911, while providers and the public are celebrating.

Founder of the fastest growing nonprofit in the United States, Pink Heals, and the tech company Hlthe (“healthy”), it is no accident that Graybill’s idea is a catalyst for change. Twelve years ago, while still a Glendale firefighter, Dave created the nonprofit Pink Heals to keep community fundraising local. It worked. Run on 100% volunteerism, Pink Heals has expanded to over 250 vehicles in three countries.

However, there were still gaps in the system. Nonprofits and local businesses were unable to give money directly to people in need. Well-intentioned friends and neighbors were raising money for large organizations instead of each other, and then there were the news stories where no one knew where the money had gone.

So Graybill did what he does best. He invented a healthcare platform that changes everything. “We are going to fix healthcare together, using the power of the people,” said Graybill. “When’s the last time a nonprofit knocked on your door and gave you money for healthcare? Never…until now. Hlthe disrupts everything. It is the Uber of healthcare.”

Why Hlthe?

“People who donate can rest assured that their money is going exactly where they intended,” Graybill says with a smile, “and it’s about time.”

To date, Pink Heals has helped members use hlthe cash for healthcare, medications and equipment and Graybill’s tech company, Hlthe, is gaining traction globally. The newest fundraiser, Beyond Five, reaches all the way to Africa, providing life-saving medication to children with sickle cell disease. 

Get involved. Learn more. Visit www.pinkheals.comwww.hlthe.com or watch us at  https://youtu.be/J4zspX_7GSk, https://youtu.be/9lgQKcdqS0Q